tisdag 12 juni 2018

Ticket Flipping Hub Review (Day 3)

Ok, so here is day three and i found some youtube videos about ticket flipping that was interesting. So i have been watching those, working on my new IG account and more. Waiting eagerly now to be able to start the gold program soon. Here where i get to see all the videos with people in action and doing the flipping and the use of stub alert, alerts of best tickets that will make you money and which ones to avoid. 
Only thing i can do right now is to continue to build on the things that is gonna help me in my journey as social media, traffic, this blog and also make some goals and plans for the future. What i recommend doing first is to do micro goals for the day and start with that and then go for bigger and so later on. This way you build up your own motivation center and things will become easier and easier with time.
Ok,so this will be a bit shorter post for today as i still do not have so much extra info to come with before i can start the actual ticket flipping.
Below a picture of an new fan page i'm making for this purpose.

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