torsdag 28 juni 2018

Ticket Flipping Hub Review (Day 5)

Ok, so here i am one and an half week later doing (Day 5) with the ticket flipping hub. Got to go on a sudden vacation with my spouse and friend for a week in malta. Well, now i am home to continue my work. I also now have upgraded to gold with the ticket flipping hub.Watched a few videos so far and i do like it. First (1) is an welcome video. (2) video is Stub alerts guide. (3) video is Finding tickets. (4) video is pre sale codes. This is about what i have watched so far.
Gonna watch all videos now as soon as i get more time and go trough the research checklist and get me some tickets. I also registered to the members forum when all help can be found if one have questions to ask and so on. There are about 15 more videos to go trough, so about 19 videos in total then. Will watch at least four more videos tomorrow, watch the tickets sites and make some notes. Yes also about price of joining, it is only $75 to get the gold membership and $25 more every month for the stub alerts (free the first 30 days). So one pay the $75 for gold and 30 days after you start pay $25 per month. I do not think this is much at all even if i am not the richest person in anyway! You get so much info and help and the stub alerts will notify you where the hottest artist, venues and tickets are to find. So yes i do recommend this to anyone who need an extra income or more. Even if i have just started and not gone so far as to buy any tickets yet, i can for sure see the potential with ticket flipping hub.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Ticket Flipping Hub is a great program and opportunity. Ticket Flipping Hub

  2. I used to sell a lot of tickets, and decided to get back in it with these guys. BIG MISTAKE! Their recommendations flat-out sucked! I really expected they were the pros so should be giving me really hot tips only. After all, they actually say on their site they never lose money on tickets. Well, probably because they don't buy the crap they recommended to me. Avoid Paul Kohn(pronounced "CON"?) and his con job like the plague! Really sleazy!

  3. Made a profit yesterday on the alert. Thanks I joined under you a few weeks ago

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